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The college-going process can be confusing and unnerving, even if you have been through it yourself.  Here are a few resources that may assist you.

By Grade Level:

Parents of Current 12th Graders 

Parents of Current 11th Graders

Parents of Current 10th Graders

Parents of Current 9th Graders

( ) Review “Every Year in High School” on page 11 of this
( ) Work with your child on filling out the FAFSA (see
“FAFSA Filing Time” on page 22 of this checklist for
specific instructions).
( ) Make sure your child’s personal information is
safe when he or she applies for financial aid. For
tips, read “Student Aid and Identity Theft” at
( ) Go to and read IRS Publication 970, Tax
Benefits for Education to see how you might benefit
from federal income tax credits for education expenses.
( ) Understand the benefits of federal student loans by
reading “Why Get a Federal Student Loan?” on page 4
of this checklist.
( ) Help your child learn about the responsibilities
involved in accepting a student loan by reviewing with
him or her.

( ) Look at communications from schools to which
your child sent FAFSA information. If a school
has offered Direct Loans, the Direct Loan Basics
brochures might be useful to you. Find them at 

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